Welcome to Blugerman


Once I started creating exquisite and comfortable shoes exclusively for myself, I had no idea that my hobby and my exclusive style would attract so much attention.


It’s been 2 years since I began to fulfill the first orders, starting from the wishes of my friends and acquaintances, and I am happy to recall the thousand satisfied customers with whom I shared my unique style.


The BLUGERMAN brand would not have achieved such success in such a short period of time without painstaking work of my creative and incredibly talented team, who never tire of generating new ideas and helping me in everything. But it’s time to move on, now we will delight you not only with brand shoes of high quality.


We present to your attention a new collection, supplemented with delicate and elegant clothes – everything to make your look exclusive and unique!



Winter Limited

Winter is a wonderful time of the year when everyone starts to believe in miracles. The Snow Queen comes down to earth and everything around reminds a fairy tale. Everything is charming at this time of the year.

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When we introduce the first clothing line of our brand, we were really worried! As everyone has accustomed to the brand Blugerman SHOES and there was such an abrupt change – Blugerman CLOTHES! Looking back, our team does not regret a single second of taking risk and creating cool looks for our fashionistas!

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Modern and comfortable footwear for women

Every woman knows, that shoes have to be ideal and look pretty and stylish. In order to have modern look, you need quality shoes. Brand BLUGERMAN offers wide range of sneakers for women, which are made of high-quality materials and have a modern design. Stylish and modern footwear – this is exactly what an active modern lady needs.

Quality women’s footwear by «Blugerman»

To buy footwear for all tastes is not difficult, but how comfortable it would be and how long it will last? Besides, you need to think about the health – bad quality footwear may result in:

  • discomfort,
  • increased load on legs,
  • sweating.

Specialists from our store offer footwear by BLUGERMAN. This brand keeps up with the fashion and the level of products’ quality, that’s why its footwear always have good quality and awesome look. Stylish sneakers and clogs will suit both young girls and women.

The convenience of footwear influence not only physical but also emotional condition. When you feel comfortable in your footwear, then you will have a good mood. Usage of the best materials allows producers to design footwear, which brings only positive emotions. Initially, the brand-creator designed footwear for herself. However, more and more people were eager to buy her footwear. In such a way BLUGERMAN appeared. You can buy quality footwear in Ukraine from us.

Collections of brand BLUGERMAN offer the wide range of modern sneakers and clogs. For the summer there are stylish perforated sneakers, which are well ventilated. Modern leather and velor sneakers are the perfect choice for chill or cool weather. The sneakers can be perfectly combined with all kinds of clothes, both sportswear and casual style. You can find more interesting and stylish looks ideas on our Instagram.

We always provide our customers with good discounts. Choose the best sneakers and clogs for creating a charming look. When you appreciate both beauty and comfort, then our footwear is designing especially for you!