Delivery and Payment


Payment methods

  • By cash;
  • Visa and MasterCard;
  • Privat24;
  • Sberbank of Russia;
  • Western Union.


Also you can pay for your order by cash:

  • During the acceptance of order at «Nova Poshta»;


Payment by Visa, MasterCard

You can pay for your order by cards Visa, MasterCard on our website. While placing the order, you need to choose Liqpay as a payment method. After that you will be re-directed to the page of PrivatBank secure  payment methods, where you need to choose «payment by card» and confirm the payment.



Payment via PrivatBank (Privat24)

When you have access to Privat24 system, then you can pay for the order by PrivatBank card. Choose this payment method while placing the order and follow the instructions of automated service.


Purchase on hire-purchase system via PrivatBank

You can buy sneakers on hire-purchase system via PrivatBank.

Delivery within Ukraine by “NovaPoshta”

The delivery within Ukraine is made by “NovaPoshta”.

The list of «NovaPoshta» post offices you can find on

The delivery is made at buyer’s costs. The shipping costs calculated according to the tariff of  «NovaPoshta». The exact delivery price you can find out by contacting with us by phone.

It should be noted that your order will be stored at «NovaPoshta» within 5 days. After that period of time, your order will be imposed a day fine.

«NovaPoshta» can provide you with at door delivery. Such service costs more than standard delivery. At door delivery is possible in cities with «NovaPoshta» post offices.

The order can be received only by person, who placed the order. Also he/she has to show the passport.

Please note, that you need to check your order carefully before the making payment. 

Delivery to Russia

Delivery is made by Russian delivery services.

Worldwide delivery

Delivery is made by international delivery companies.