We warrant the shoe from defects for 30 days from purchase.

In case, the defects are identified during the prescribed period, the producer (seller) acts according to Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights”. In the event of the end of the warranty period (30 days), appeals for defects are not considered. The warranty period of shoes starts from the date of sale.

List of regulatory and technical documentation,  shoes has to answer the following requirements.

  • DSTU (Natioal Standart of Ukraine) 2157 «Footwear. Terms and Deffinitions»;
  • DSTU 2158 «Footwear. Defects. Terms and Definitions»;
  • DSTU 26167:2009 «Casual shoes.»;
  • DSTU 19116:2007 «Modeling footwear.»;
  • DSTU 26165:2009 «Footwear for children.»;
  • DSTU 2063 «Footwear for sport.»;
  • DSTU 1135:2007 «Footwear for home, roadway.»


The warranty does not apply to:

  •  shoes with defects that appeared due to use in inappropriate conditions
  •  shoes with mechanical damages (burns, cuts, scratches, etc.);
  • threadbare shoes;
  • misshapen shoes;
  • shoes damaged due to the effects of chemicals, and other defects caused by the buyer;
  • repaired by the buyer before the return of the store (except for replacing the nets, fixings, preventing the soles, if such repairs did not cause the defects).